kat frost

final year of uni and hoping to pursue illustration.


I was very keen to do print because I didn’t really enjoy web or motion last year. I found that the things I was taught, while interesting and undeniably helpful, were the complete opposite of what I wanted to do. It didn’t help that everyone was on different skill levels and I struggled a lot. 

So having the option of choosing print was refreshing. A sketchbook filled filled with ideas and thoughts and things around me? I couldn’t understand why we weren’t offered this module in second year. The theme allowed us to draw anything we wanted and it was an occasional struggle to narrow things down, when I wasn’t sure where I wanted this module to take me or what I wanted from it. 

My knee-jerk reaction, as always I’m finding, was to draw lots of cats. I don’t really know why its my default but I just went with it. I really enjoyed learning about all the different ring processes, lino being the one I found most satisfying. But I felt my sketchbook started to look a bit silly and I was drawing a miss match of everything, so I had a long think about what I’d like to draw a lot of.

I settled on buildings because its one of the things that attracted me to Manchester in the first place, all the beautiful old stone carved architecture, mixing with new modern steel and glass structures. I also collect photos of buildings, from places I’ve visited, so I had plenty of research material to draw and look more closely at. 

My final piece came about through Rob showing me the blotted line technique and then me becoming slightly obsessed with it, finding the perfect paper to use as well as buying lots of ink and pens to try out. 

This was just me casually exploring a technique and then I found it tied nicely into this project when I tried it out on some buildings from my sketchbook. The final three images I chose have no real rhyme or reason to them, they are just my three favourites. A Castle in Scotland I visited with my dad before his heart attack and long stay in hospital, a derelict post office near Manchester Victoria I’d walked past a hundred times but never really looked at, and the Printworks, also in Manchester, just because I really like the building and the neon lights at night.

After achieving the blotted lines for each of these buildings, I wasn’t really sure what to do with them. I wasn’t thrilled at the idea of learning how to screen print a few weeks before a hand in, not to mentioned I created so much work for myself by wanting to add another colour, but in the end I’m actually quite pleased with how they turned out. Some of the black ink didn’t sit on top of the colours very well, but as a set, I think they’re really nice together. 

If I were to do this project again, I think the only thing I’d change is trying harder in the beginning to find a theme to really get into, but overall, I think its turned out quite well. I like my sketchbooks, even if I did completely change ideas halfway through term from cats to buildings, but its nice to see the journey I’ve taken with this project and where I’ve ended up.

Pro Con 3 Bullet Points

Online footprint:

Behance: https://www.behance.net/kat-frost

Tumblr: http://kat-frost.tumblr.com

Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/kat-frost/

Etching Workshop with Craig

Book Making Workshops with Hannah

David Bailey Talk

GFSmith Paper Talk

Inprint at Soup Kitchen

Manchester Print Fair 2012nq

Xmas at Islington Mill

Book Fair at Manchester academy

Zine’s of Wonder Exhibition at Nexus Art Café

Gallery in the Gardens

Interview for a teaching placement at the Manchester Communication Academy

Freelance Illustration for Charlotte

Painted a mural at the Chinese Arts Centre

Trip to Berlin where I saw: The Berlin Wall, Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag Government Building and the Kaiser Memorial church.

Salford University Industry night

To Do:

MadLab Print Fair Saturday 12th April

Finish NMP

Prepare for end of year shows

Freelance Album cover illustration for a friend

Get website up and running.

Way back in October, Rob gave a series of lectures on the history of illustration and printing. I found A Selected History of Visual Story Telling: From FONTAINE’S FABLES (1668) to Building Stories (2012) by Chris Ware really, really interesting. It made me seriously wonder why there are no official history of illustration lectures offered here at uni.

Anyways, this talk got the ball rolling for me. I’ve read Jimmy Corrigan which is also by Chris Ware, and I loved it. Really depressing and grim, but also so clever and funny and heartbreaking. So I asked Rob if I could borrow his copy of Building Stories to read because I wanted more. Then that was pretty much it, that’s all I wanted to write about in my dissertation, how smart and ingenious comic book writers are and how they communicated through their pages. 

InPrint Fair 24th November.

Manchester Print Fair 12th October.

These are the walls of my bedroom and the prints I’ve bought at various print fairs. The ‘Chopping Wood, Looking Good’ print in the top picture is one of my favourites and the one people always comment on when they first come in. I bought one of Rob’s cats because they were always there whenever I’d go and the temptation to buy one was always at the back of my mind. The hot air balloon and the other cat, crouched amongst some buildings are two of my own pieces of work and I spend a long time lying in bed thinking about how to improve them.


This is the last one I’m doing tonight but I’ll do more tomorrow. Thanks so much for all the requests!


Scientific engravings from 1850

by John Philipps Emslie

(via the Wellcome Collection)

(via courtneyjcole)

Screen Printing is stressful but kind of hypnotic once you get into it. I’m pretty pleased with how my end results came out. 

Industry Night.

UGH. Kind of a let down. I spoke to Will Berry about my work and he was really nice and encouraging so it wasn’t a waste of time, but the next person I queued up to speak to spent agggges with people so I was standing there for at least an hour. Then when it was finally my turn, some massive bearded hipster pushed in front and I had no energy to inform him of his mistake and that he was a twat, so I went home and ate a load of fish fingers. 

Making some progress with my first few illustrations :)

My illustration for a friend doing an article on selfies for her NMP. Each picture is of a different angle you take a selfie at. The bottom picture is the one I relate to most.